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March 16, 2005
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A Girl's Gundam by Sylvaene A Girl's Gundam by Sylvaene
Finally finished it! :D

it's been a while since I last drew a Gundam (say 2 or more years) and while my mecha mentor might never speak to me again about this, I gotta hand it to him for creating the best mechs around. ^^ I'm proud to be a pupil.

As always, Gundam and everything related to it are properties of Sunrise Sotsu Agency, Japan. ^^
But this drawing idea (both mech and pilot) are mine.

This is Intercept Gundam and its pilot, Ao Banh. ^^
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JFCowboy Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2007  Hobbyist
Nice job ma'am. The gundam has good mobility judging by the amount of thrusters it also has adiquite weapons and defenses. Good job on the pilet as well ma'am.
Sylvaene Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2007
it's built for reconnaissance and sniping. ^_^ glad you appreciated the details. :P
JFCowboy Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2007  Hobbyist
I thought so I didnt see any close range weapons. Does it have any?
Sylvaene Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2007
Combat beam knifes in the waist holsters and vulcans in the helm. and a smaller pistol in the back. That's all it needs, if something faster than it catches it.
JFCowboy Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2007  Hobbyist
I do agree. Fire power isnt everything but some people wont lisin. The gundam im workin on has limited fire power but speed and battle time is great.
metalformer Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Got some talent there, gal! Very very good!
Melchman Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2007
interesting :)
ARMAMENTFACTORY Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2005  Professional General Artist
Wow... I've been gone a while haven't I ?

Mentor ? I'm no mentor 'til I start teaching :D ( maybe in a year or 2, if the school lets me :P )

It's good to see your technique's improving :)
mofomegax Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2005
Kinda reminds me of ZGMF-X23S Saviour [link]

Probably the shape of the 'wings'. Looks like rockets on the side....for space maneuvering?

Overall not bad. I like the overall look and the paintscheme is the win for me.

The perspective on the gun and the feet need a bit of work (feet ALWAYS give me a hard time, so I know it's a pain). Only suggestion there is practice.

And if this is digitally painted, I recommend making a top layer with the lineart and setting it to multiply. That always seems to bring the lines out nice and crisp.
Sylvaene Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2005
thanks for the comments. ^_^;;

About the color: yeah, I did that. ^_^

It's been a while since I last made a Gundam drawing, so yeah, I DO need a bit of practice, methinks. ^^;

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